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7 Smart Ways to Save on Fuel and Mileage | Advice from Truck Service Experts in Barrie

Rapidly rising fuel prices and shortage of gasoline are affecting every vehicle driver around the world. For commercial trucks traveling long distances across rough terrain, it is even tougher. How do you reduce fuel usage when you are carrying a big load for several hundred kilometers? What are the best ways to maintain your truck to reduce repairs, improve mileage and save costs?

Smart driving starts with observing good practices, following the rules and saving on fuel and mileage in various ways. SmartWay Trailer Rentals, your trusted provider of rental trailers and for servicing all makes of trucks and trailers in Bradford and Barrie can show you simple ways to drive smart.

7 Tips to Improve Your Driving and Cut Costs on Frequent Truck Repair

It’s inevitable that you need to burn fuel to operate a non-electric vehicle. However, to reduce fuel usage, save costs and be environmentally-conscious, you need to be a savvy driver. Follow these practices for a safer, more cost-effective ride:

  • Check Tire Pressure: Under-inflated tires can increase rolling resistance by a good 5%. To avoid this and save fuel, check tire pressure at least once a month.
  • Go Easy on the Load: Extra weight can add to your fuel bills. It is also dangerous to overload your truck. Shift the load in the trunk instead and eliminate unnecessary objects. 
  • Avoid Sharp Braking: Applying excessive pressure on your brakes can take up a lot of energy. Go easy on the brakes. Look out for potential hazards early on. Slow down to prevent sharp braking. 
  • Use Momentum: When driving over hilly terrain, ease up on the brakes and use momentum that you built rolling downhill to go up the next curve. In large vehicles such as trucks, momentum or deceleration can maximize fuel efficiency by extracting lesser power from the engine. It also keeps your speed consistent. Speeding downhill can hurt your mileage too. Roll down in neutral gear instead.
  • Intelligent Clutch Control: Revving up the vehicle when you don’t need to and excessive use of the clutch wears out the engine. Use your clutch wisely.
  • Smart Gear Use: Every time you go up a gear in a manual drive, you improve fuel efficiency. Drive on high gear whenever possible. The quicker you switch to top gear, the more fuel you save.
  • Avoid Idling: Idling for long periods can take up half a gallon of gas per hour and more. Idling also releases excess emissions, polluting the environment. Turn off the engine and re-start when you halt at a railway crossing or take a break. 
  • Consistent Speed: Speeding can make you lose control of the vehicle, consume more fuel and wear out the engine. Watch speed limits and drive consistently. Use cruise control on the highways to save up to 6% in fuel consumption.

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Paying attention to little details can help you save big. For more fuel-efficiency tips and smart practices, consult our commercial truck experts at SmartWay Trailer and Truck Services. Our goal is to deliver to you the best products and services for all your transportation needs. From expert truck repair in Bradford to professional truck services in Barrie, we have been standing behind a trail of satisfied customers since 1994.

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